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  • Digital Health Hype Cycle 2021

    health world visualised in a "Digital Health Hype Cycle 2021 infographic. Using Gartner’s hype cycle model I have created a digital health infographic to share where I believe /2018/02/20/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2018 2019 - https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2019 /01/12/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2019 2020 - https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2020/01/29 /Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2020 2021 - https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/digital-health-hype-cycle

  • Custodians, Enablers, Arbitrageurs, Innovators: the key principles for success in Digital Health

    health solutions and a set of key principles for success in the digital health marketplace. Along with a shift towards value-based care, a digital transformation is under way in health care. This book provides a framework for understanding the competitive landscape for digital health and advanced It reveals a set of key principles, or universal themes, for success in the digital health marketplace Whether you’re a health care information technology specialist, a digital health startup or technology

  • What's the purpose of a medical advisory board in digital health startups?

    The digital health startup scene has grown up a lot over these past years. Additionally, digital health companies, young and old, are increasingly establishing medical advisory In this piece, four senior medical leaders working in digital health startups share their experience. What’s the purpose of a medical advisory board in digital health startups? Healthcare is complex. In fact, medical advisory boards in digital health frequently resemble proper supervisory boards.

  • Women In Mental Health: Founders Discuss How They Are Shaping The Industry

    Spring Health founder April Koh There is so much momentum for mental health; even before the pandemic children’s mental health care. I run a female group for digital health founders, and there are 15 really experienced venture-backed founders working in digital health in the group. We hope that in a few years it won’t be digital health versus in-person, but just health.

  • Australia is leading the way in giving people personal control of their own Electronic Health Record

    The Digital Health Evidence Review, released by the Australian Digital Health Agency, has found that The international comparison of digital health record systems has shown that EHR consumers in Australia have a greater ability to control their digital health information than in countries with similar systems Out of the 50 countries surveyed, including France, the UK, the USA and New Zealand, the Digital Health Australian Digital Health Agency Chief Medical Adviser Professor Meredith Makeham said with the Australian

  • The Digital Pill: What Everyone Should Know about the Future of Our Healthcare System

    The Digital Pill reflects on apps and digital projects launched by pharmaceutical companies in recent the e-health community. The Digital Pill reflects on how digital technologies can combat chronic diseases including diabetes, &qid=1616596676&sr=8-1 About the Author Elgar Fleisch co-founded the Center for Digital Health Interventions in close cooperation with the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, United States, and the Future Health

  • 8 emerging trends on the health tech horizon

    Femtech and Femcare A growing demand for digital platforms which support women’s health. Whether consumer-led or baked into clinical services (public and private), there is a greater demand for digital Healthcare services, especially those delivered through digital platforms which can be bought alongside Digital Therapies Improving access to alternative therapies and psychotherapy through digital platforms The use of digital therapies is likely to become integrated into mainstream clinical services as well

  • Can digital innovation reduce healthcare inequalities?

    Digital transformation can help everyone by bridging gaps in health inequality. But the way to do it is not to force digital products on everybody and alienate them from their own health , and England’s Academic Health Science Networks. Despite the clear and present challenges to health equality, there is cause for hope. “I'm more optimistic than I've ever been," says Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health and Care Lead at Healthcare

  • Beyond bitcoin: Five possible uses for Blockchain in Healthcare

    Either they see it as being synonymous with bitcoin and other digital currencies, or they see blockchain I agree there is a lot of hype swirling around blockchain, and I also agree that this technology likely Blockchain is essentially a living list of linked digital records. In a blockchain, each block contains some of the same information and a digital fingerprint called hash We might be moving beyond the hype of blockchain and into the reality of potential applications.

  • What do the new CONSORT and SPIRIT guidelines mean for health AI?

    This should be the foundation on which the mainstream acceptance of AI in health is built. Those of us who work in AI for health need to be honest with ourselves – the time for hype is over. My focus as Medical Safety Lead at Ada is on applying the latest thinking on how we develop safe digital that the rest of the field will join us in embracing them so that user trust in digital health products Source: https://ada.com/editorial/what-do-the-new-consort-and-spirit-guidelines-mean-for-health-ai/