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  • Challenges of being a disruptor in healthcare and the prospects of embracing the inevitable progress

    health technologies. On the side, I try to be an evangelist of digital health, especially of using technology in a smart way That gave me a push to become a preacher, an evangelist of digital health all over the world. your health problem or health condition preventing you from seeing the one human in the hospital who We’re separated from the patients by the forced use of digital health technologies in the wrong way,

  • It's Time to Heal: 16 Trends Driving the Future of Bio and Healthcare

    Health insurance gets unbundled. Virtual care becomes a first-class citizen… It took our healthcare system a decade to hit single-digit The results of this digital health maturation will change all kinds of new patient/clinician, supply/ When those digital health companies integrate into the traditional healthcare value chain to achieve Mental health gets engineered.

  • Apple Invents Smart-Fabrics based Health-Glove that Monitors Blood Pressure and other user Vitals

    Source : https://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2018/12/apple-invents-smart-fabrics-based-health-glove-that-monitors-blood-pressure-and-other-user-vitals.html

  • Brain-computer interface industry gathers pace, directly connecting machines and minds

    lack of clarity as to which devices qualify as BCIs, a regulatory gray area for consumer versions, and hype brain signals, they use the information to make a computer or machine do something — for instance, type “The hype” for the devices, he says, “is orders of magnitude beyond where the science is.”Columbia University “The hype is orders of magnitude beyond where the science is.” released specifics on how this would work in practice.Marcello Ienca, a senior research fellow at the Health

  • The Role of Continuous Glucose Data in Remote Patient Monitoring

    Following Current Health’s partnership with CGM leader, Dexcom, our CMO, Dr Adam Wolfberg joined endocrinologist With this integrated approach, clinicians gain the broadest possible picture of patient health allowing Moreover, with continuous vitals and blood glucose capture, clinicians can identify health trends far With real-time insight into patient health, clinicians can spot deterioration early and intervene to avoid serious health issues By spotting the early signs of health deterioration such as pulse and respiratory

  • Ultra WideBand impulse radar (UWB): The future of Remote Monitoring in Healthcare and Social Care

    have begun for UWB medical applications in cardiology, obstetrics, breath pathways and arteries Keenly Health Keenly Health believe in the power of technology to revolutionize the care experience for long-term biomonitoring technologies and solutions, developing a robust patent portfolio that’s changing the way we see health worth of valuable is tracked to help caregivers identify trends and take action to prevent possible health Alphabet’s life sciences unit) to design an implantable diabetes sensor that usesBluetooth to transmit health

  • Andreessen Horowitz : how the next generation of Bio and Healthcare companies will be built

    Tech gives us tools beyond just software—continuous data streams to describe our health, circuits to focus is not just on the groundbreaking outputs of this shift, from novel gene and cell therapies to digital

  • TV interviews, Press and Media Coverage

    Press and Media Enquiries 1) CNBC - Shaking Up The Healthcare Sector 2) Meeting the Prime Minister's health 4) StartUp Health Insider 5) Sky News Live 6) World Health Summit 7) Hot Topics - Scaling a Health Tech HealthTechX Europe 2017 Conference 9) Millennial 2020 London 2017 10) The Times newspaper 11) CB Insights - Health

  • How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine - the revolutionary new kind of care

    About Brennan Spiegel Brennan Spiegel is director of health-services research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Spiegel is also professor of medicine and public health at UCLA.

  • New smart speaker monitors both regular and irregular heartbeats

    Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, have proven adept at monitoring certain health care When the researchers tested this system on healthy participants and hospitalized cardiac patients, the The researchers tested a prototype smart speaker running this system on two groups: 26 healthy participants Of the nearly 12,300 heartbeats measured for the healthy participants, the smart speaker’s median inter-beat But the research team hopes that future versions could continuously monitor heartbeats while people are