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  • 98point6: How We Treat Patients via Text

    understanding of how 98point6 works and fits into your life— empowering you to take charge of your health BOTTOM LINE: Virtual care with 98point6 makes it easy to get a better handle on your health.

  • Rwanda : The Digital Health Pioneer, Part 2

    goatsandsoda/2020/07/15/889802561/a-covid-19-success-story-in-rwanda-free-testing-robot-caregivers RWANDA: THE DIGITAL HEALTH PIONEER PART 1 Read Part 1 here - https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2017/11/03/Rwanda-The-Digital-Health-Pioneer Digital health improves service delivery and clinical outcomes, and we know that cannot happen if we Patrick Ndimubanzi, Honorable Minister of State, Public Health and Primary Health Care, Rwanda Digital Health Innovation in Rwanda ... https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2017/11/03/Rwanda-The-Digital-Health-Pioneer

  • What can the NHS learn from Japan’s Unique Social Care System?

    Source : https://axcessnews.com/national/health/emulating-japans-social-care_6494/

  • SleepTech: how COVID-19 changed sleep around the world

    address 80% of the most common sleep issues and help people take an active approach to their overall health

  • Apple to buy Oura after Amazon launches Halo and Google buys Fitbit?

    an acquisition like Oura enable Apple to compete with Amazon and Google for the lucrative prize of health Apple - Oura Make every workout count by syncing Oura with Apple Health. You can sync data between Oura and your other health and activity apps by connecting Oura with Apple Health. If workouts imported from Apple Health include calorie data that exceeds Oura’s measures, those calories

  • "Liquid Health" and business models - the dynamic fusion of digital and physical concepts,

    In the business world, between a physical and digital world. New formats emerge, responding to the new consumer, fusing the best of digital and physical: Liquid Health … the fluid combination of digital technologies like Babylon Health and Good Doctor, providing smartphone Babylon and Liquid Health Babylon Health … Ali Parsa’s “liquid healthcare” app uses AI to diagnose your Source: https://www.thegeniusworks.com/2020/07/liquid-business-models-the-fusion-of-digital-and-physical-concepts-devices-channels-from-babylon-health-to-singularity-sushi

  • Apple adds Symptoms to Health app as part of iOS 13.6 Update

    iOS 13.6 Update Apple has added a new category for symptoms in the Health app, including symptoms logged from Cycle Tracking and ECGAbility to log new symptoms, like fever, chills, sore throat or coughing, The latest update to the health app settings now include symptoms associated with various illnesses such support.apple.com/en-euro/HT210393 Sources: https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/06/09/ios-136-adds-symptoms-to-health-unattended-ios-update-download-toggle Sources: https://www.myhealthyapple.com/apples-health-app-adds-new-symptoms-in-ios-13-6/

  • Digital Health Hype Cycle 2020

    health world visualised in a "Digital Health Hype Cycle 2020" infographic. Using Gartner’s hype cycle model I have created a digital health infographic to share where I believe /2017/09/17/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2017 2018 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2018/02 /20/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2018 2019 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2019/01/12/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle -2019 2020 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2020/01/29/Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2020

  • Secure asynchronous messaging: the future of patient portals?

    This type of engagement with health information technology could have important benefits for patients

  • The Digital Health Hype Cycle 2019

    health world visualised in a "Digital Health Hype Cycle 2019" infographic. /09/17/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2017 2018 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2018/02/20/ The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2018 2019 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2019/01/12/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2018 2019 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2019/01/12/The-Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle -2019 2020 https://www.healthcare.digital/single-post/2020/01/29/Digital-Health-Hype-Cycle-2020