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  • World Health Organisation launches new podcast – Health in Europe

    Health in Europe is a new podcast from the WHO Regional Office for Europe. diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, to eradicating polio, to gathering evidence on best practices in digital within global health to ensure the development of, and access to, life-saving and life-changing health This programme includes the four flagship areas of digital health, mental health, immunization and behavioural Source: https://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/disease-prevention/alcohol-use/news/news/2020/07/whoeurope-launches-new-podcast-health-in-europe

  • Citizen’s data, healthcare and trust

    to improve services and understand health trends. should strive to maintain public trust in health data. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has had electronic health records in GP practices for more than can see their health record. from improving health service to reuse for private commercial gain.

  • E-ppointments: Will patients shop around online for a doctor?

    certainly money to be made from the ill: though Britain provides free healthcare for all via the National Health Service (NHS), a fifth of the population supplements state care with paid private health programmes. Health services are more frequently used by older people: two-thirds of those admitted to hospital in ZocDoc, an American health tech company, allows potential patients to search for a physician by location , speciality or the type of insurance they accept.

  • The Fifth Industrial Revolution: where mind meets machine

    During the fourth, we are hyper-connected through our smart devices to most of the planet. stand on the shoulders of the fourth, as technology of diminishing size will be fundamental, and the digital We are soon finding that the rate at which we type into our smart devices today is a frustrating few

  • Early warning signs of a mental health tsunami: A coordinated response to gather initial data insigh

    Digital mental health service providers (N=45), financial services providers (N=4) and other relevant Digital services providers reported a diverse range of mental health concerns. A recurring observation is that demand for digital mental health support has risen, and that the nature from digital services providers Introduction During the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional mental health For example, Ieso Digital Health reports an 84% increase in referrals.

  • Amazon healthcare initiatives wake up an industry slow to change

    ., the country's fourth largest health insurer, which Aetna tried to bag in 2015. Haven bypasses health insurance companies to reduce premiums, deductibles and other costs. UnitedHealth Group, the nation's largest health insurance company, built the United Nerve Center, which The CVS-Aetna merger, for example, now has 1,700 digital clinics. It's a health imperative to have patient, drug interaction and other information shared effectively.

  • Rwanda : The Digital Health Pioneer

    Patrick Ndimubanzi, Honorable Minister of State, Public Health and Primary Health Care, Rwanda Digital Health Innovation in Rwanda Let's explore 5 examples of Digital Health innovation in Rwanda ranging The African Alliance will also seek to develop a health workforce that is able to use digital health African government leaders play a vital role in developing national digital health systems. legislation and policies that promote digital health systems.

  • WhatsApp, Messaging Apps and the future of Digital Health in the UK

    Messaging apps are the future of digital health technology in the UK. health." health innovations for the NHS. Thus, your instant messenger has become a new kind of Personal Digital Assistant." Of Austalia’s Health Sector that ..

  • Jewellery & Wearable Tech : The Future of Women's Health?

    and even the menstrual cycle. The LEAF has various functions to monitor your health. feature that makes the LEAF specific to women is it’s ability to help women understand their monthly cycles These advances in health tracking are helping us to manage our health more efficiently. By keeping such a close eye on our health we are better in tune and informed about our health, which

  • 7 ways Google Glass is revolutionising healthcare

    Kyle Samani, CEO of Pristine But the ability to access patient data from an EHR (electronic health record Alerts and reminders will be displayed in Google Glass for health workers with hectic schedules. A Google Glass app could instantly alert the health worker if any mistakes have been made. As health and fitness self-tracking apps are already some of the most popular on the market today, it ’s likely that Glassware will change the way we approach our health and fitness once again.