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  • The Growing Role of Telehealth in the NHS

    As the pressures on the UK’s National Health Service continue to mount and appointment waiting times ’ve seen the likes of Jeremy Hunt et al begin to champion the ever-increasingly important role that digital health services have to play in the future of the NHS. As the recent Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester showed, digital healthcare is a hot topic Events such as the Expo show the amazing progress being made in the digital health industry at the moment

  • How is Social Media Revolutionising Healthcare?

    report, out of a survey of 3,001 US adults, 80% used the Internet to access information relating to health The use of social media for health issues, however, is far from restricted to peer-to-peer experience This is particularly applicable to mental health or follow-up patients where a relationship has already Advice on the best type of care – sites such as Amazon and Tripadvisor have demonstrated the power of The National Health Service – NHS Choices provides a wealth of clear and concise information on a wide

  • Looking Back at HealthTech Predictions in 2012 : How Accurate Were They?

    On January 1st 2012 Tech Crunch published an article entitled ‘6 Big Health Tech Ideas that will change In the private healthcare space similar concepts are flourishing, particularly push doctor and Now Health The predicted increase in social network based around heath have also materialised, with a social network

  • 3 predictions for Digital Health

    James Balmain my co-founder, CEO and I have 40+ years combined experience of digital transformation between Our 5 year journey to digitally transform healthcare in the UK has seen us evolve from a consumer application Based on my 5 years experience to date, I believe the future of Digital Health will be the many things Small device are recording, storing and transmitting data from a patient to a range of digital databases Health Technology in the future will also focus around patient’s self serving as an alternative to traditional

  • Navigating through healthcare as a Startup

    Health is a large and varied sector, with private and public healthcare providers and many specialisms Now Healthcare needs to benefit from the digital revolution. Other than startups, nobody else has been brave enough to bet their money on new digital systems it seems Under the direction of the London Mayor, the London Health Commission is now concentrating on digital health and how London’s health economy can benefit from new health technology innovation.

  • How effective is exergaming as preventative medicine?

    Far from having a detrimental impact on our overall health, studies have shown that the right type of Exergaming for Physical Health Causing a storm in the early 2000s, popular arcade machine Dance Dance Many studies that examine the influence of video games on mental health have focused on people who can Games have also been shown to improve mental health in a number of surprising ways. With so much choice in the gaming world, the opportunity to develop our physical and mental health is

  • Hashtag healthcare : Twitter's new role in Medicine

    Reaching a wider audience From Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, to NHS organisations, hospitals and individual big data includes 170 million healthcare Tweets, 3.4 million healthcare Twitter profiles and 1,500 health These analytics may benefit ‘public health organisations, governmental agencies, communication agencies The researchers supposed that much of this information is not recorded in any official health record and could provide insights into common health misconceptions that need to be addressed, such as when

  • Why does augmented reality have so much potential in healthcare?

    While AR lets users see the real world and projects digital information onto the existing environment The paper format was changed for electronic health records (EHR), but the information flow remained very complicated operation, there might be very little time for checking whether the patient has a certain type Yet, not only data but also other types of medical information, such as the location of the veins or

  • The 100 most influential people in HealthTech 2016

    To be listed alongside my fellow practitioners, founders, investors, digital leaders, government representatives The digital sector and its stakeholders began to acknowledge the role of technology within the healthcare Of those, there are 100 Health Tech influencers who operate as practitioners, founders, investors, digital Tech influencers represent a digital sub-sector that could be fundamental to the future of our species . https://www.hottopics.ht/stories/health/top-100-health-tech-influencers/

  • How data scientists can convince doctors that AI works

    The best you could hope for is equivalency.