UK Digital Healthcare Council sets out its agenda

September 29, 2017

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The UK Digital Healthcare Council met for the first time today at the Royal Society of Medicine, Chandos House, 2 Queen Anne St, Marylebone, London W1G 9LQ. 40 people from across the UK digital health industry debated a number of key points and discussed the aims & objectives of having an industry body represented at both a local and national stages.


The Council’s stated purpose is to:


1) Advocate the benefits of technology in healthcare for patients

2) Provide a vehicle to promote ‘data does good’ to the wider system

3) Collaborate to influence policy decisions from organisations such as CQC, Department of Health, NHS England and NHS Digital

4) Explore opportunities for partnership

5) Share innovation and best


The Council aims are:


A) to ensure there are open lines of communication with the key stakeholders, as named above

B) The Council aims to advocate for the views of members and ensure these are considered by key stakeholders when making policy decisions

C) The Council aims to work with key stakeholders to ensure barriers to innovation in the system are removed


The full list of attendee's were:


Simon Abrams, CEO, Datapharm
Zenon Andeou, Clinical Director,
Paul Bate, Director of NHS Services, Babylon
Matteo Berlucci, CEO, Your.MD
Jonathan Boor, Director of Clincal Information, System C Healthcare 

Stephen Bourke, Founder and CEO, Echo
Miles Boyden, Clinical Director, iDoc
Andy Burton, Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor
Jonathon Carr-Brown, Managing Director, Lost4Words
Simon Chaplin-Rogers, Chief Medical Officer, iDoc
Shellane Crisostomo, Co-founder, Vala Health
Neil Daly, CEO, Skin Analytics
James Davies, CEO,
Mark Davies, Chairman, Your.MD
Murray Ellender, CEO, eConsult webGP
Farzad Entikab, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Care Anywhere 

Costas Fantis, Business Development Manager, Doctor Morton’s
Ian Gallifant, CEO, Medelinked
Hamish Grierson, CEO and Founder, Thriva
Alex Heaton, Founder, Live Smart
Mark Jenkins, UK Managing and Medical Director, Oviva
Alex Kafetz, Managing Director, ZPB Associates
Jason Keane, CEO, Patient
Suzanne Lawrence, Medical Director, Care UK
Tanya Lawson, Director of Quality & Governance, Dr Morton’s

Michelle Lea, Chief Operating Officer, OBS Medical Dermott Mullins, Chairman, iDoc

Tim Ng, Chief Technology Officer, DrNow
Claire Novorol, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Ada
Mary O'Brien, CEO, VideoDoc Ltd
Adam Odessky, CEO, Sensely
Eren Ozagir, CEO, Push Doctor
Mike Pallett, CEO, Cupris
Joaquim Pereira, CEO, PharmaDoctor
Lloyd Price, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Office, Zesty
Owain Rhys Hughes, CEO & Founder, Cinapsis
Paul Roberts, CEO, GPDQ
Sam Rodgers, Medical Director, Medichecks
Joel Schoppig, Director of Strategy,
Katherine Ward, Chief Commercial Officer, Managing Director UK and Europe, 

Tom Whicher, Founder, DrDoctor 



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