Cambridge Health Network - Where are we with Digital?

October 11, 2017

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I am looking forward to the Cambridge Health Network event on the 18th October. In addition to Juliet Bauer - Director of Digital Experience, NHS England speaking, James Freed - Chief Information Officer, Health Education England will also be sharing his views on how far digital has advanced in the NHS.


Less than 4 weeks ago at the 2017 Health and Care Innovation Expo, Jeremy Hunt announced a series of new promises for online access to healthcare information as part of a new plan to deliver the NHS’s “patient power decade”.


Mr Hunt stated the new promises would include an app or online access for all patients to the NHS urgent but non-emergency 111 service, the ability for patients to access their own GP medical record online and platform to choose what information they would like to be shared.



Artificial Intelligence and the NHS


However the topic I believe will be of most interest to the audience on the 18th October will be an artificially intelligent symptom checker and more specifically the use of machine learning and deep learning to provide NHS services.


Again at the 2017 Health and Care Innovation Expo Mr Hunt indicated "the longer term aim was to “marry” medical records and apps, linking the online 111 service to patient information to enable a symptom checker to ask questions appropriate to each individual."


He went on to say .. “That would mean you could have a smart Q&A service, which would mean much more accurate diagnosis, a quicker diagnosis and a much better service for patients. Also, of course, a cheaper service for the NHS.”


Powerful statements and potentially world leading digital patient facing services offered by the NHS, I am fascinated to hear all about the potential timelines, IT system complexities and data protection issues to consider in order to deliver a service like this.


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After years of discussion and debate about how digital advancements will change the face of modern medicine, how we can harness and utilise its full potential and improve survival rates and NHS efficiencies. We ask ‘When will it deliver?’ Juliet Bauer will discuss the issues she has faced as the Director of Digital Experience at NHS England. With seemingly endless stories in the media referencing data, digital and the demise of the NHS, listen to Juliet give her take on what has happened, what is happening now and what is to come.


Cambridge Health Network


Pam Garside and Penny Dash set up the Cambridge Health Network (CHN), with support from the Judge Business School, in June 2004, to create a membership organisation that provides a forum for discussion between senior NHS and private sector leaders in healthcare. Judge Business School provided the foundation for CHN’s launch and growth and after eight successful years, with Judge Business School’s endorsement, CHN migrated the management arrangements of the network to ZPB Associates.


This signalled an exciting time for CHN and for the last three years has given us the freedom to expand the range of activities and events for members.



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