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October 12, 2017

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I am looking forward to attending the McKinsey : Shaping a better future event on October 23. Having just read "Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future" by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, it will fascinating to hear the keynote speech by none other than Andrew McAfee, one of the authors.


After 20 years working in technology across 7 different industries, I fully agree with the theory a "triple revolution" is coming, however we also need to be acutely aware that when we disrupt technology we also disrupt lives...



Shaping a Better Future


From global thought leaders to seed investors, Shaping a Better Future features diverse voices and provocative perspectives on the forces shaping business and society. Top executives, academics, business leaders, and artists will gather to debate the global forces redefining our world.


Looking across the impressive array of breakout sessions and masterclasses planned for the day, the two sessions I am most interested in attending are i) Healthcare : The promise of technologies for longer, healthier lives and ii) Digital : A new playbook for a new world.


1) Healthcare : The promise of technologies for longer, healthier lives


Are we at the cusp of a healthcare revolution? Will scientific progress eclipse achievements of past centuries, leading to longer and healthier lives for all? Or will medical progress be negated by poor lifestyle choices and slowed by healthcare systems struggling to foot the bill? The answers to these questions will have profound implications for governments, payors and providers, public and private organisations, as well as individuals and their families. We will explore the issues with distinguished guests including -


Dame Sally Davies (UK Government)

Ali Parsa (Babylon Health)

Tetsu Maruyama (Dementia Discovery Fund)

Iraj Ali (Syncona Partners)


2) Digital : A new playbook for a new world




“Digital transformation” is a top priority for most leaders. Practically all institutions are adapting their operating models in response to changing technology and customer behaviour. But what will this new world look like when we arrive? In this session, we will explore questions including: How will industries work in the future? And how will the advent of almost frictionless switching, price comparison, data-led precision targeting, massive economies of scale, and the potential for vast security breaches change how we steer organisations and compete?


Agenda for the day



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