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October 26, 2017

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Digital Futures Index


This is a project that seeks to encourage debate on what matters most as we shape our digital future in the UK.


Our approach is rooted in the view that technology is a force for good, ambition is necessary, priorities must be clear and, importantly, what gets measured gets done. We have looked into the key metrics that could help us judge whether we are setting the right course to realise a UK at the top of its digital game.


At Nominet, we have a unique view on the digital progress of the UK and a vibrant digital future. That is why we have started the Digital Future Index. We have worked with experts from academia, business, government and education to identify the key factors that will determine our success. Our plan is to update this index annually and explore whether we are making the right kind of progress.


Healthcare focused highlights from the Digital Futures Index -


1) Has technology been good for Health? All UK adults (4,188) 




2) Has technology been good for Health? Base: UK Children aged 6-18 (1,041)

3) 12% of Millennials say that they have suffered anxiety or other mental health issues as a result of social media in the last year Source: Nominet Sentiment survey, April 2017


Older generations are far less susceptible, with just 1% of Boomers and less than half a percent of the pre-war generation saying that social media has affected their mental health.


Other highlights from the Digital Futures Index -!dfi1

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