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Meet the New Health Transformers Joining StartUp Health’s Global Army of Entrepreneurs

StartUp Health welcomed 30+ new Health Transformers to their StartUp Health Moonshot Academy this week to support the companies on their mission to achieve one (or more) of StartUp Health’s 10 Health Moonshots to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

So, let's meet the new StartUp Health companies :

Access to Care Moonshot - Health Transformers working to deliver quality care to everyone, regardless of location or income.

  • Robert McDermott, founder of iCoreConnect, is on a mission to provide doctors and dentists a secure platform to safely access patient records in any location on any device.

  • Jamey Edwards, Andy Panos and William Hannan, founders of Cloudbreak Health, are on a mission to help providers to connect, communicate and care for patients wherever they are located and in whatever language they speak via one single video platform.

  • Carles Vila and Zachary Bohart, founders of Healthconsult, are on a mission to reduce misdiagnosis and help patients get connected with highly specialized doctors.

  • Marko Vuoriheimo and Anne Klemetti, founders of Chabla, are on a mission to improve quality of life for people with hearing challenges.

  • Fred Newman and Marsha Newman, founders of AMP, are on a mission to make sure everyone receives emergency help wherever and whenever they need it.

Cost to Zero Moonshot - Health Transformers helping radically reduce the cost of care by a factor of a million.

  • Daniel Dudley, Eugene Malinskiy, and Ilya Malinskiy, founders of Infinite Arthroscopy, are on a mission to reimagine the operating room through next-gen wireless surgical tools.

  • John Strauss and Joshua Mecca, founders of M&S Biotics, are on a mission to improve efficiency and surgical instrument utilization in operating rooms through the use of AI.

Cure Disease Moonshot - Health Transformers working to cure disease using data, technology, and personalized medicine.

  • Ali Moiyed and Shabbir Moiyed, founders of Aerobit Health, are on a mission to improve adherence and outcomes for asthma patients.

  • Miguel Johns, Dillon Noller and Braden Eck, founders of KingFit, are on a mission to deliver free diabetes education to patients.

  • Play-It Health is on a mission to make health adherence enjoyable and understandable.

  • Phil Heifetz and RJ Kedziora, founders of Saturn Care, are working with primary care teams to end chronic disease through truly comprehensive care for all patients.

  • Rick Hennessey, CEO of Solius, is on a mission to better treat and prevent disease by displacing pharmaceutical drugs with novel light science.

  • Kim Kristiansen and JG Staal, founders of Zignifica, are on a mission to deliver trusted research to physicians and care teams.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Moonshot - Health Transformers working to destigmatize mental health and connect mind, body, and spirit.

  • Erin McCloskey and Maria Concetta Cilluffo, founders of E=MC2, no limits…, are on a mission to empower self-healing through mental health, nutrition and physical fitness.

  • Thomas J. Overly, Marek Mikesell and Sharon Downer, founders of Promena VR, are on a mission to improve behavioral therapy through the use of VR.

Nutrition & Fitness Moonshot - Health Transformers working to provide access to a healthy environment and support an active lifestyle

  • Janne Pylväs, Pekka Tolvanen and Veikko Louhevaara, founders of Myontec, are on a mission to improve mobility, metabolism and rehabilitation through the use of connected clothing.

StartUp Health Moonshot Academy is a one-of-its-kind program providing entrepreneurs with the long-term coaching, support, and access they need to succeed as Health Transformers — successful entrepreneurs from all around the world and at every company stage who are focused on achieving one of 10 Health Moonshots. Through a unique combination of coaching workshops, peer community, a crowd-sourced investor and customer network, market intelligence, powerful promotion channels, and online collaboration tools, StartUp Health Moonshot Academy empowers Health Transformers to become powerful magnets to continually attract the right team, customers, investors, and partners.

When entrepreneurs join StartUp Health’s Global Army of Health Transformers, they gain access to a lifetime of coaching, a global network of investors, partners, and customers, a trusted peer network of 400+ fellow Health Transformers, and promotion via our media platform that reaches more than 150,000 influencers.

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