SBRI Annual Review 2017 : Bringing New Tech to the NHS

November 12, 2017

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Introduction to SBRI Healthcare


SBRI Healthcare is an NHS England funded programme that provides funding to innovative companies to solve healthcare problems. We work closely with clinicians and frontline NHS staff to identify key challenges from within the NHS, focussing on specific areas identified as important by NHS England and the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN). Our team works collaboratively with companies to clearly specify what the NHS needs, and challenges them to devise a solution. We aim to improve patient care, improve efficiency in the NHS, and support the UK economy by helping smaller companies grow.


Our network of innovative companies extends throughout the UK. Since our launch in 2009, we have worked with over 150 companies developing solutions for major NHS challenges such as cancer detection, dementia care, mental health in young people and self-management of long-term conditions.


We have found that smaller companies often have great freedom to innovate, therefore we have designed our processes to be especially attractive for smaller scale enterprises. The mechanism we use to reach innovators is to run regular, tailor- made competitions which outline known NHS challenges and invite companies to come forward with their creative thinking and new technology.


The SBRI Healthcare programme is based on taking a two-phased development approach. Our projects start with an ini al feasibility study and can then move on to detailed product development. Each contract is 100% funded by SBRI Healthcare.


Phase 1 contracts for feasibility testing are valued at up to £100,000 and last for six months. Phase 2 contracts for prototype development are worth up to £1 million and can extend over two years. While the public sector has the right to license the resultant technology in certain circumstances, its intellectual property remains with the company.


Once a company is engaged we provide ongoing support to help:

  • Access networking opportunities with NHS partners

  • Direct connections to clinical partners

  • Enable companies to access procurement opportunities

  • Guide companies through the complex process of bringing a product to market in the healthcare arena.


Benefits for Patients : Case Studies


Open Bionics




Benefits for the NHS : Case Studies



Owlstone Medical

Careflow Connect


Benefits for Business and the Economy : Case Studies


Ieso Digital Health




Benefits for Business and the Economy : Case Studies


Fuel 3D




SBRI Healthcare : Big Impact in the first five years




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