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  • Lloyd Price

DiaMonTech announces breakthrough technology for Non-Invasive method for measuring blood glucose

The age of finger-pricking will soon be over with the announcement of a non-invasive method for measuring the body’s blood glucose levels from German medical technology company, DiaMonTech.

DiaMonTech has created technology for a medical device which directly measures the presence of glucose molecules in the blood through an invisible infrared laser, giving a reading of a user’s blood glucose level within 15 seconds. All users need to do is place their finger on a sensor on the device and their blood glucose levels will be displayed in real-time.

With 400 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide, this new device will liberate many from the antiquated means of pricking their fingers and the potential health risks it carries. DiaMonTech’s technology enables unlimited measurements and consistent, constant reporting on the presence of glucose in the blood, giving greater control over managing your diabetes.

The breakthrough patented technology was developed by DiaMonTech’s Head of R&D, Professor Werner Mäntele, Director of the Biophysics Institute at Goethe University in Frankfurt. With over 30 years of experience in spectroscopy, Professor Mäntele’s leading work on molecule detection enabled the team to create an advanced laser, capable of measuring blood glucose with pinpoint accuracy.

“Developing a non-invasive device for the management of diabetes has been our top priority since day one,” says DiaMonTech’s CEO, Thorsten Lubinski. “With so many other devices that require a break to the skin, and with millions worldwide suffering from this disease, we made it our mission to help make the day-to-day monitoring of diabetes more manageable and less intrusive.”

“Unlike previous diabetic monitoring methods, which have focused on one particular layer of the skin to measure blood glucose, DiaMonTech’s approach means blood glucose is measured with ‘depth-profiling’,” says Professor Mäntele. “This method allows us to measure one’s skin at a multitude of different depths and is fine-tuned to measure glucose molecules rather than a high-level overview.”

A series of devices are planned with a larger desktop unit, ‘DMT Base’, scheduled for release in 2018, a pocket-sized device ‘DMT Pocket’ scheduled for 2019 and a smart-wristband, ‘DMT Band’, which will continuously monitor blood glucose, scheduled for 2021. Each device will be compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing you to check your information in real-time.

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