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January 9, 2018

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Introduction to GYANT


GYANT offers medical artificial intelligence to bring nurse triage and telemedicine into the 21st century. GYANT's AI mimics the doctor-patient conversation via chat and natural language understanding. Based on the patient's initial chief complaint, GYANT asks questions to discover the relevant symptoms/risk factors and builds a comprehensive history of present illness (HPI) based on the patient's answers.


Using this patient history, GYANT suggests a likely diagnosis and triage recommendation which is then passed on to a human doctor or nurse for review before it is presented back to the patient. The doctor/nurse has the option to engage the patient in a chat for additional clarifications or escalate into an audio or video call, if needed. We call this model "AI+" as it combines the efficiency of AI with the safety of human doctors/nurses.





GYANT is a startup founded by serial entrepreneurs with a strong track record. We go for a massive opportunity to drastically improve everyone's knowledge about their own health.


Search for health symptoms often leads to scary results and is generally confusing. Our AI, GYANT, will change that. GYANT will guide users from symptoms to a likely cause, just like a doctor would do, by asking the right question. Born as a chatbot, GYANT only communicates via text and lives on messengers like Facebook or Telegram. GYANT is also accessible via SMS for people who own a phone, but don’t have Internet access. 3 billion people on this planet have never had access to high quality health care information. Soon, they will., Inc., was founded by Pascal and Stefan, two German born serial entrepreneurs in San Francisco. Their most recent experience involved scaling one of Europe’s largest gaming companies. Before that, they created companies in social networking, doctor appointment booking, mobile entertainment, e-commerce and mobile health.

"We believe that everyone should be empowered to understand their own health, no matter where they were born or how much money they have. We will work hand in hand with doctors who understand that people today deserve instant, personalized answers when they’re worried about their health. We are fully aware that there are still many cases where a machine can’t help and a licensed human doctor has to step in. We will ensure that every case is always treated appropriately, by the most advanced software or the best doctors.


We firmly believe, however, that in the coming years, AI will be able to diagnose a large share of conditions with very high accuracy, thus freeing up physicians from the burden of mundane cases and allowing them to focus on the human side of treating people with empathy and intuition.“ The Founders



GYANT mobile app


Chat with a licensed U.S. doctor in the GYANT app! 100% free for a limited time. Get prescriptions and treatment advice in minutes.  All via chat - powered by artificial intelligence and human doctors. 

Currently available in CALIFORNIA only. More states coming soon.

GYANT can help you with 
- urinary tract infections (UTI), 
- cough, 
- flu symptoms,
- sinus pain,
- pink eye and many others like ear pain, sore throat, fever, asthma, allergy symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, headache, migraines, stomach ache, STDs, vaginal symptoms, rashes, heartburn, lower back pain, and many other health concerns.

With GYANT, you can talk to a clinician like you would in a traditional doctor’s office, but without the wait and the hassle. Our doctor operating hours are Monday to Friday, 12:00 - 8:00pm PT. For non-urgent concerns, complete our health questions on your own time and we will ping you back with an assessment when our clinicians come online.

After a short chat consultation, our clinicians will give you treatment advice and can write a prescription that is sent electronically to your pharmacy within the hour. You pay the pharmacy directly for the meds. 

* Sign up with your name and email
* Answer a few onboarding questions
* Tell us about your health issue
* Answer 2-3 minutes of health questions 
* Chat with a doctor
* Receive treatment advice
* Pick up your medicine at the pharmacy



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