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Nuritas : combining artificial intelligence and genomics to discover and unlock natural Bioactive Pe


Founded in 2014, Nuritas is revolutionizing the discovery of novel, natural and scientifically proven active ingredients that can manage and improve human health. The company’s disruptive computational approach to discovery uses artificial intelligence, deep learning and genomics to rapidly and efficiently predict and then provide access to the most health-benefitting components hidden within food, called peptides.

Nuritas has received global recognition for the impact its innovative technology will have on the future of food and health. This includes winning the overall Innovation Award at the Forbes Reinventing American Summit in 2015, the Nutrition Capital Network Venture competition in October 2016 and support from EU Horizon 2020 in 2016 for a peptide that carries the potential to prevent prediabetic patients from developing diabetes.

Artificial Intelligence Platform

Nuritas' proprietary platform targets, predicts and unlocks novel bioactive peptides from food sources. These deliver highly specific, efficient and life-changing health solutions.

Nuritas begin the discovery process by precisely defining the health condition and targets we wish to modulate. We then use our proprietary search tools to identify the characteristics specific to our area of focus. Throughout this process, we use the most up-to-date academic and scientific knowledge to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our prediction algorithms

Having begun the discovery process as above, Nuritas take advantage of multiple proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, including deep learning. Using these, we are now uniquely able to predict which novel food-derived bioactive peptides deliver the pre-determined effect that we are seeking. This cuts out many thousands of hours of trial and error.

After targeting and predicting high potential Bioactive Peptides, Nuritas unlock them from within the food source for their pre-defined therapeutic use.


Nuritas' bioactive peptides provide patented innovative solutions to companies needing new, better therapeutic options to deal with significant and growing unmet medical needs. The Bioactive Peptides we discover have the potential to offer new and innovative treatments for many of the illnesses that are becoming more prevalent as the world population continues to expand and age.


Consumer awareness has driven a huge shift in health and wellness over the last two decades. Nuritas discover and deliver new patented and highly innovative ingredients for companies operating across the Medical Food, Functional Food, Supplement and Over-the- Counter treatment areas. Our bioactive peptides have the potential to offer people solutions across a number of areas including inflammation, blood glucose, anti-microbial and anti-ageing.


Nuritas' Bioactive Peptides have the potential to deliver solutions that increase the skin’s health, addressing people’s changing expectations around personal care and ageing. Peptides are already well recognized and utilised within the area of skincare and cosmetics. The Nuritas technology delivers natural, scientifically proven discoveries that meet the requirements of an ever more demanding and savvy consumer.

Plant Health

Bioactive peptides also have huge potential in the Animal and Plant Health areas. At Nuritas, we are committed to delivering patented Bioactive Peptides to answer the significant needs of these diverse areas.


Nuritas has received backing from some of the most successful investors in the world including New Protein Capital, early Facebook and Dropbox investors Ali Partovi and U2’s Bono and The Edge, as well as Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff.

Nuritas, a biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the discovery and use of bioactive peptides through artificial intelligence (AI) and genomics, today announced the close of a US$20 million Series A funding round led by Chicago-based Cultivian Sandbox Ventures.

This brings the total invested to date to approximately US$30 million, including early funding from U2’s Bono and The Edge, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Singapore-based VisVires New Protein and angel investor Ali Partovi. The latest round of funding will support Nuritas’ growth in the United States (U.S.) to address and solve many of the most pressing societal issues of the day, including the diabetes epidemic.

“Nuritas’ unique platform delivers truly life-changing health benefits and we are very pleased to be involved in its growth – it’s a brilliant team and such an exciting technology,” said Nick Rosa, Managing Director of Cultivian Sandbox and Co-founder of Sandbox Industries. “We expect Nuritas to quickly emerge as one of the most innovative companies in the world, effecting real change.”

Since launching in 2014, Nuritas has grown rapidly with its AI-powered peptide discovery platform, with applications spanning health and wellness, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and dermatology amongst others, attracting high-profile investors and partners, including BASF SE.

“In an effort to expand our health solutions, we searched the globe trying to find such an innovative discovery technology and we eventually found it with Nuritas,” said Michael De Marco, Global Head, Research & Development Human Nutrition and Pharma Solutions, BASF SE. “The most immediate fruits of our collaboration will be the U.S. launch of an anti-inflammatory for sports nutrition in 2018. This is only the beginning, our collaboration is progressing and on track to yield more groundbreaking products in the future.”

Another area of strong and sustained focus for Nuritas is diabetes, which is a major societal issue. According to the International Diabetes Federation, an estimated 352 million individuals globally are living with pre-diabetes which is considered an early warning sign for diabetes. An estimated 34 million pre-diabetics globally move on to develop full blown diabetes each year. In the U.S., 84.1 million individuals are estimated to have pre-diabetes.

“Bioactive peptides are known to play a role in managing diabetes and many other areas, but the current methods of identifying those that may work is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive,” said Emmet Brown, CEO of Nuritas. “Our artificial intelligence platform has already disrupted this antiquated process by targeting, predicting and unlocking peptides that can positively impact in conditions like pre-diabetes while reducing the cost and time needed to find them. We’re excited to have Cultivian Sandbox and others join our mission to unlock these huge capabilities to improve human and animal health.”

Nuritas Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr Nora Khaldi stated, “This investment will not only help us accelerate our route to market, explore new disease areas and grow our already strong team, but it will also push us even further in extracting the great potential of what our technology is capable of creating. What is so exciting is that the inflammation ingredient launching in the U.S. next year is actually the first healthcare ingredient that has been fully discovered through the use of artificial intelligence.”

Nuritas uses a proprietary AI and genomics platform to rapidly analyze the billions of molecules and peptides in food to predict and identify how they impact specific health areas, molecular pathways or receptors. When compared to traditional discovery methods, the Nuritas platform has been shown to identify peptides ten times faster and 500 times more accurately while significantly reducing costs.

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