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  • Lloyd Price

Anvajo : the blood-analysis laboratory that fits in the palm of your hand


Anvajo is a health tech start-up company and spin-off of the University of Technology in Dresden. Anvajo was founded in 2016 and is based in Dresden, Germany.

In several years of extensive research, we have developed a cutting-edge and patented “Minilab” for 1-drop blood, urine, saliva and sperm testing, providing immediate and quantitative results at lab-grade accuracy. Our device is easy-to-use and low-cost, provides versatile connectivity and is suitable for a wide range of applications. We are currently developing cartridges for infection diagnosis and plan to provide many more for a variety of applications.

Market launch is planned for early 2018.


The Minilab miniaturizes state-of-the-art blood diagnostics by combining our patented technology and innovative product engineering. It is a portable device that provides immediate quantitative test results at lab-grade accuracy while being easier to use than your smartphone. From everyday clinical applications to the most audacious science adventures – the Minilab will be your laboratory of choice.

Diagnostic Cartridges

Taking advantage of the versatility of the Minilab’s core technology, our microfluidic cartridges perform comprehensive diagnostics by analyzing both cellular and biochemical parameters. A simple 1-step-procedure allows convenient and quick loading with just one drop of sample. By using cutting-edge biomarkers we are going to provide diagnostic cartridges that give you results that matter.

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