Big Picture : The Cognitive Diagnostic Platform for Medicine

February 7, 2018

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Big Picture is a world first interoperable platform that seamlessly covers the entire patient journey.


Around the globe, technological advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning revolutionise technical capabilities that are likely to have profound implications not only across industries but more broadly, for society.


This is why we place heavy emphasis on leveraging these capabilities in the development of our fully integrated solution.


Our focus is squarely on improving patient outcomes by, for example:


1) Enabling users to capture structured data through the Smart Clinical History application.


2) Embedding Clinical Decision Support tools to bring efficiencies to eyecare specialists at the point of care.


3) Sharing insights with patients and primary healthcare practitioners in the Patient Reporting.


How the technology works


1) A patient visits a primary healthcare practitioner or clinic where their clinical history is captured and an eye exam is performed.


2) The patient’s clinical history and the results of the eye exam are provided seamlessly and securely to an eyecare specialist for remote review.


3) The eyecare specialist performs a remote review.


4) The results of the remote review are emailed to the referring primary healthcare practitioner and if applicable, to other healthcare providers. A Patient Report detailing the results and recommended next steps is shared securely with the patient.


 Values and benefits for Patients and Healthcare Providers



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