Words of Hope : Vice President Joe Biden’s Passionate Keynote From the 2018 StartUp Health Festival

February 14, 2018

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In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, former Vice President Joe Biden passionately addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the 2018 StartUp Health Festival sharing words of hope and calling for collaboration from Health Transformers around the world. Take a look at our exclusive excerpt from his latest book, Promise Me, Dad, on HEALTH TRANSFORMER @ http://bit.ly/2HfgBe6


"When the President put me in control we didn’t say we were going to cure cancer in 2016, but we set our sights on a much longer fight,” said former Vice President Joe Biden. “That’s because cancer doesn’t respond to Presidents, Vice Presidents, Queens, or Congress. Cancer has its own pace, uses every tool in the book. Every single device possible to hide and to cause death. And, what we did say though, we were going to do all we could to make a decade’s worth of progress, preventing, detecting, diagnosing, and treating cancer in half that time."


Our Chief Medical Officer, Howard Krein, MD, spoke with the former Vice President Joe Biden at the 2018 StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, California. They spoke about the Joe’s personal heartache with a family members cancer diagnosis, and his task as Vice President to lead one of the most important missions of our generations, the moonshot to end cancer.



“So the cancer moonshot went from being a cause that we had in mind to a movement,” said Biden. “A movement that generated excitement around the world, because virtually everyone is affected by cancer.””


Every head of state I have gotten to know, every major leader in the world wants to talk to me about cancer.” says Joe Biden, (left)As former Vice President Biden says, “there is an enormous capacity for us to to do an awful lot more in the cancer field to expedite access to data information and the like.” In order to forge a new path ahead, #CancerFiERCE was established for entrepreneurs, to tap into ideas and collaborate together as we work to end cancer as we know it.


Says Biden, “That’s what attracts me to StartUp Health. You got together for what reason? Collaboration. Genuine collaboration across disciplines is more likely to generate results than anything you can do individually. If you let your egos get out of the way. If you actually begin to share information and data.”


Source : https://healthtransformer.co/words-of-hope-d087a45d7f11​ 

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