Digital Nudges - Behavioural Economics in Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health

March 17, 2018


Digital nudges - Behavioural Economics in Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health


Let’s stop randomly throwing technology at any healthcare related problem! Instead, let’s pause and understand Human Behaviour and how it can be influenced before we apply technology. Behavioural Economics can help us to design solutions that will successful nudge patients towards healthier behaviours. Join us to understand the What, Why and How of Behavioural Economics in Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health


“Digital nudges - Behavioral Economics in Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health”
Date and Time: April 11, 18:30 to 22:00


Place: Halle 7, Gundeldingerfeld, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel, Switzerland


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Our daily behaviour has a tremendous influence on our Health. At a societal and individual level an appropriate diet, exercise regime, compliance to routine diagnostics and adherence to treatments would dramatically reduce healthcare costs and improve patients’ lives.


The value of behavioural change is obvious, but, even with technologic advances, progress in the field of healthcare has been slow. The graveyard of unused healthcare apps, failed patient engagement programs developed by healthcare providers, life sciences companies or governmental institutions is continuously growing.


Changing human behaviour is not easy – but very much possible.  Behavioural economics is a rapidly developing field that aims at understanding the decision-making processes of individuals. This field of research can help us to understand the predictable irrationality of people and what can be done to help them make the right choices - to give them a “nudge” in the right direction.


In this evening, we want to find out how the findings of Behavioural Economics is capable of nudging us towards better health and also why it must be at the core of Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health programmes.


We’ll provide an introduction to Behavioural economics and then hear from Healthcare providers and life sciences companies where they stand in their journey in influencing our heath behaviours. Speakers will include experts from academia, the healthcare system and industry.


The event is free of charge. However, registration is compulsory by 9th April 2018.



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