healthBOT 2018 : the World's first Chatbot Conference dedicated to Healthcare

March 21, 2018

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healthBOT 2018



healthBOT 2018 will introduce healthcare decision makers from Pharma, Pharmacy, Insurance, Hospital, Government, and Associations to the power of chatbots to reimagine the way they engage their stakeholders in compelling conversational solutions designed to drive treatment adherence and healthcare outcomes.


As the world's first "chatbot" conference dedicated to healthcare - we are looking to bring together strategists, entrepreneurs, agencies, startups, and industry - to share experience, learnings, and even future plans in the area of conversational business.


Sessions will cover a range of topics that will ultimately empower attendees to make bold steps into the work of messaging and AI. Whether it be ideating initial pilot projects - enhancing existing programs - or even sharing best practices - this looks to be the launchpad for innovators looking to disrupt healthcare.





  • 12:00: Registration/ Coffee/ Networking

  • 1:00: Chairperson: Setting the Stage: Ritesh Patel: Chief Digital Officer at Ogilvy Health & Wellness

  • 1:15 PM: Intro to Messaging and Chatbots: Fatima Zaidi, VP Business Development, 88 Agency - How the 3rd horizon of digital will engage customers on their own terms > driving user interaction and business outcomes.

  • 1:45 PM: Beyond the Hype: Shwen Gwee: Head, Digital Stegy, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen - What opportunities exist for healthcare companies to tap into the power of bots and AI to connect with consumers, patients, and healthcare providers.

  • 2:15 PM: 5 Case Studies - learn from early movers in the health bot arena about what works, and what doesn't.

  • 3:15 PM: Conversational UX - Let's get Persona: what are the attributes of great conversational solutions.

  • 3:45 AM: Building a Health Bot Canvas: Lexi Kaplin, Partner & Product Lead at conversationHEALTH - understand the building blocks for conversational initiatives - and build your own canvas to ensure success.

  • 4:30: The Big Debate: a panel of digital and health experts will debate the impact of bots and AI in healthcare. What role will healthcare providers play in this brave new world ... if any?

  • 5:15 to 6PM: TGTBHTOY Discussions in the Cafe



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ConversationHEALTH : Organizer of healthBOT 2018


We are a digital health startup that delivers personalized conversations to patients and HCPs - All powered by Human Assisted AI by tapping into the inherent capabilities of messaging we have re imagined the way that healthcare brands engage their customers - delivering both  outcomes and business benefit. We create powerful bots to support the clinical journeys of all stakeholders - 


Consumer Bots -Designed to engage your customers in a conversation about their health - including educational and informational assets about their condition and treatment options


Patient Bots - Created to support your patients through a continuous personalized conversation that drives product start, compliance, refill, and most importantly - outcomes


Doctor Bots - Deepen relationships by providing real time answers to any question, or request, that your physicians, or other Healthcare professionals might have



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