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The Future of Healthcare in the UK : Special Report

The Future of Healthcare

You would be forgiven for thinking the future of healthcare looks bleak in the UK. However, technological advances present a wealth of potential to ease the burden on the NHS and give people more control of their wellbeing.

The Future of Healthcare special report, published in The Times, features expert opinion on coping with an ageing population, evolving technology in medical research and Amazon’s move into corporate healthcare. Also featured is the debate on how effective antidepressants are and an infographic on wearable healthcare devices.

1) Preventative healthcare and tackling challenges of an ageing population

As the UK population ages, the need for preventative healthcare and societal change has become immediate.

2) Digital healthcare puts patients in control of their health

Development of digital technology is helping to deliver personalised treatments which involve patients in their healthcare

3) How 3D printing is transforming healthcare

Technological advances look set to make 3D printing the most rapidly evolving technology in medical research, with the potential to transform healthcare

4) The benefits of value-based healthcare

Moving from volume to value-based healthcare is not without its challenges, but puts patients’ wellbeing first

7) The healthcare case for sharing medical data with blockchain

Health services need to improve data-sharing for better patient care, treatment and research outcomes, but whether blockchain is the right facilitator remains to be seen

9) Help for people living longer with dementia

The increase of dementia among the UK’s ageing population calls for urgent action to avoid the health service being overwhelmed by elderly sufferers

10) Feeling the pain of an opioid crisis

Prescription and illegal painkillers are wreaking havoc in the United States, so how can the UK avoid an escalating opioid crisis?

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