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How does the Medical Interoperability Gateway compare to the NHS Summary Care Record?

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) The MIG is a secure middleware technology which provides a two-way exchange of real time patient records. Unlike other technologies it doesn’t use a repository to share data and can be integrated with any health or social care system. The MIG can be scaled to work with any system and adopts the national interoperability standards. 110 Clinical Commissioning Groups are using the MIG to connect a wide range of different health and social care organisations. As the MIG uses a local data sharing model, GPs have greater control of their information and who has access to it.

Detailed Care Record (DCR)

The Detailed Care Record is the standard content model for the MIG and provides ten datasets of information which includes patient diagnosis, medication, risks and examinations. The MIG also provides specialist GP data, which can be used to inform complex care planning for chronic health conditions. Specialist datasets include information from a range of community, mental health and social care settings. This means the MIG can embed data from multiple systems to provide a holistic view of a patient’s record in one place.

Summary Care Record (SCR)

The NHS in England uses an electronic record called the Summary Care Record to support patient care. It’s a central repository which provides healthcare professionals with access to information about a patient’s medication, allergies and any previous adverse reactions to medicines. Other information such as significant medical history, care plans, patient wishes or preferences (and other relevant information) can be added with the consent of the patient.

Comparing the DCR and SCR

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