Ping An Healthcare's Instant Clinic becomes the most popular new invention at PharmChina

April 15, 2018


Leading AI medical technology company Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (Ping An Good Doctor) appeared at the 79thPharmChina ("PharmChina") with its Instant Clinic, a cool looking and functionally powerful medical device that drew attention and attempts to experience the online inquiry.


According to Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited's personnel, the Instant Clinic is a combination of online inquiry, intelligent diagnosis and smart pharm retail, capable to providing users with a complete range of medical services. 


The compact size of the Instant Clinic incorporates numerous AI technologies. By clicking the screen to trigger voice inquiries, the user will be served by an AI doctor, who, after identifying the medical history of the inquiring patient using AI technology, will automatically refer the inquiry to the live doctor in a corresponding department for diagnosis and treatment based on the medical history of patient. The AI doctor effectively serves as the assistant to the live doctor and increases the inquiry efficiency, said the aforesaid staff member. 


"The instant clinic is wherever you are, making the diagnosis and treatment process as easy as buying drinks from roadside vending machine," said the staff member of Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited. In the future, the Instant clinic will be used in numerous venues like offices, malls and airports to provide more people with 24/7 "onsite inquiry and medicine purchase" services.


Over the past two years, "Healthy China" has become China's national strategy, especially when intelligent medical industry development was brought onto the national agenda during this year's two sessions, meaning that medical services +AI have become a prevailing trend. Meanwhile, "New Retail" has a growing impact on the health industry.


Analysts said that Ping An Good Doctor's "instant clinic" is the key to completing the whole chain of pharmaceutical e-commerce both online and office, as it employs big data, AI and other cutting-edge technologies to upgrade and transform the drug circulation and sales process and constantly increase the in-depth integration between online service and offline experience.


Frost & Sullivan data indicates that Chinese patients spent about three hours on seeing doctor on average including traffic and waiting time in 2016, but only 8 minutes were spent on receiving diagnosis on average, accounting for 4.4% of the total duration. If Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited's Instant Clinic is widely adopted just like a vending machine, users can make inquiries and buy medicine whenever and wherever they want, a situation where the under supply of medical services might be alleviated as a result.


Since its inception, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited has been committed to driving medical and health services through AI, mobile internet and other technologies in support of the national strategy of a "Healthy China". In addition to launching the Instant Clinic as an innovative medical device, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited launched the "good rural doctor assistance program" in 2018 in a bid to help narrow the urban-rural medical gap and making technological and product innovations truly affordable and accessible to people.



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