Could Cryptocurrencies let you control and sell access to your DNA data?

April 24, 2018


Last year saw an incredible surge in demand for Direct to Consumer genetic tests – but it raises a lot of questions…


What exactly is a genetic test?

How is your privacy protected when you take a genetic test?

Do some companies make money selling your genetic data to third parties?

How anonymous can DNA data ever be?

Who even owns our DNA?

And what does all this have to do with cryptocurrencies?


Dr Caitlin Curtis discusses these questions and more, while looking deeper into the complicated world of genetic testing and privacy.



About Dr Caitlin Curtis


Dr Caitlin Curtis (@DrCaitlinCurtis) is a research fellow at The University of Queensland. She has broad expertise in genetics including conservation genetics, ancient DNA, DNA forensics, and vector genomics. Caitlin is fascinated by the intersection between genomics and technology and the ensuing privacy and data protection issues.



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