NurseToken : Leveraging Blockchain to Save the Nursing World

May 8, 2018

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Introduction to NurseToken


NurseToken is a 21st century solution to a persistent yet growing 20th century problem: a global nursing shortage of epic and crisis proportions. We address in this whitepaper the general healthcare supply and demand of human resources as we transition globally towards ubiquitous shared-economy scenarios with a more prevalent real-time allocation or matching of supply vs. demand.


Currently a large majority of the business processes pertaining to the onboarding or registration of nurses is largely manual or consisting of a collection of mixed manual and automated processes, the healthcare industry is faced with a challenge of moving data across disparate, isolated silos and the related burdens of security, privacy, legal, compliance, locality, and in many cases the lack of automation, which introduces the potential for human errors or bias.


NurseToken will power a credentialing, incentive, and payment ecosystem that overcomes the problems of recognizing national and state credentials, cross-border payments, misaligned incentives, data accessibility, and payment risk. In doing so, NurseToken will align healthcare needs with available healthcare resources around the globe. Participating nurses will gain increased control over their schedules and enhanced reliability in providing their services to the numerous member facilities throughout the world.


Many different nursing verticals will benefit from NurseToken’s capabilities: Global Nurse Agencies, Hospitals, Clinics, and Home Health Care Businesses, among others (combined $344B annual market worldwide). These capabilities will support NurseToken’s mission to combat the global nursing shortage crisis by making it easier for nurses to get hired by the hospitals and clinics who need them most.



NurseToken makes it possible for a nurse to carry their own portable credentialing passport. Once a nurse has their credentials in a blockchain wallet, those credentials can move freely through participating facilities in the healthcare system. This increased mobility makes it possible for hospitals and clinics to retain nurses much more easily and in a more flexible manner. For example, if there is an oversupply of nurses in one market, a hospital in a nurseconstricted market can hire them immediately without waiting the two to three months it takes in some circumstances to re-credential nurses.


The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes this revolutionary shift possible. The price of trust is expensive. With blockchain technology, the steps in the verification process can be greatly reduced and the need for repeating expensive tests such as background checks, urine drug tests, workplace and license verifications, and health screens, is greatly reduced or eliminated, saving time and money for hospitals and nurses. Nurses can start caring for patients instantly.


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Blockchain Healthcare Alliance


To help promote blockchain within the healthcare industry, NurseToken has formed an alliance with other blockchain and healthcare influencers, companies, and founders to speed adopt. And as a part of our commitment to making sure that blockchain has worldwide adoption within the healthcare industry, we will provide up to $1m in funding to several blockchain healthcare solutions that we believe will help disrupt the healthcare industry and ultimately save more lives.



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