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Tech Talks Healthcare Podcasts : Interviews with creative technology leaders

Tech Talks started because too many tech leaders operate in silos. The change happening around them is so fast but when you’re stuck in delivery mode that change could pass you by. So I wanted to connect people, give them a platform to share their experiences and highlight the issues tech leaders are facing. I love the podcast because the tech community is so diverse. The application of tech is so wide-raging, and the new sectors embracing tech lead to new innovation and ways of working. I get to meet inspiring people, leaders who are building things, not just companies and teams but values and ideas. When I started in tech recruitment I knew very little about technology. I’ll never be a techie but I am a geek. I’ve always loved science-fiction, fantastic ideas and world-changing stories. OK, so it’s not Star Trek, but actually what’s happening in the tech sector is more startling because its science-reality and the people making it happen are inspiring. I’ve also always loved writing and creating content, so the podcast allows me to indulge in work I’m passionate about. As the series grows, its ability to positively impact the industry only increases. I want to keep giving a platform to younger businesses as well as the established names. I want to lift the lid on success and share failures for everyone to learn from them. Most of all I want the show to be a vehicle connecting tech leaders and enthusiasts, getting them out of the trenches and helping each other navigate through the changing environment they find themselves in.

Healthcare Leader - Lloyd Price - Zesty

Healthcare Leader - Keith McNeil - NHS

Healthcare Leader - Juliet Bauer - NHS England

Healthcare Leader - Ali Parsa - Babylon

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