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  • Andrei Zimiles Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare 2018

The Patient Journey Begins Online

The provider-patient relationship begins well before the two meet face to face. In fact, patients will start by searching for providers online. Approximately 80% of survey respondents have used the internet to make a healthcare-related search in the past year. 56% prefer to search for a provider using a laptop or PC while 2 out of 5 prefer using a mobile device or tablet. From there, the customer journey is largely influenced by the digital realm. And it’s not just the younger generations—76% of respondents over 60 have made a healthcare-related search online in the past year.

Digital Tools Facilitate the “Last Mile” of the Journey

The customer journey in healthcare has traditionally been a fragmented and frustrating experience. Hours quickly accumulate between calling insurance providers to find an in-network provider, scheduling an appointment, sitting in a waiting room and perhaps navigating to a pharmacy and waiting there, too—not to mention follow- up appointments. Likely due to this frustrating time commitment, the ease of online booking has become a prominent aspect of a patient’s decision to select a provider.

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About the Survey

Survey methodology: “Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare 2018” was produced by Research was conducted through SurveyMonkey Audience and commissioned by during February of 2018.

This report represents the findings from 1,718 respondents who represent the U.S. adult census demographic of regions, incomes, and genders, from age 18 to 65+.

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