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  • Lloyd Price

Meet Pillo : Personalized care plans powered by AI, Voice and Facial Recognition

AI, Voice and Facial Recognition

Pillo is a likable, engaging, artificially intelligent, digital health companion for the home. Pillo stores and dispenses up to a month’s worth of medication, guides and educates you to follow medication regimens and care plan directives, and connects family, doctors, and care team members to you at your home. Pillo has voice and facial recognition so you can talk to Pillo just like you’d talk to another person. Pillo also powers video calls so you can stay connected to family, friends, and loved ones.

Live healthier with the Pillo Health app! Pillo is a digital healthcare companion. You can talk with Pillo in the Pillo Chat to manage your meds and learn new things! Pillo will navigate you through your health journey by tracking complex medication schedules. You will receive intelligent and proactive reminders to help you not miss a dose.

Here are some of the main features of Pillo Health: * View all your medications for today and the next six days in a beautiful pill wheel with four sections that represent your daily schedule. * Take care of your health with smart reminders that ring just in time when you need to take your pills. * Interact with Pillo in the Pillo Chat to learn new things, know the weather and ask questions. * Configure complex medication schedules using our streamlined UI that lets you combine multiple doses per day and more. * Identify your meds with a quick look thanks our beautiful shapes and associated colors. * Keep track of your weekly, monthly or yearly adherence with Trackers. These are some of the reasons why we think that you’ll love Pillo Health, but an app is worth a thousand words. Download it now and stay updated on Pillo, the world’s first intelligent home healthcare companion. Coming soon: The Pillo Health Companion!

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