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  • Mo Aldalou

Sensyne Health announces strategic partnership with EY

Sensyne Health, the clinical AI technology company led by Lord Paul Drayson, has today announced a strategic advisory services agreement with accounting firm EY.

The deal will involve EY providing the listed company with 'design and build' specialist resources comprising strategy, analytics, cyber, valuation, risk and governance capabilities.

Sensyne Health is on a mission to help healthcare providers and life sciences companies improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate research by collecting and analysing anonymised medical data across multiple linked datasets.

The agreement with EY enables the company to "create global capabity and build on its unique business model". It will also allow Sensyne to scale up its business further, including responding to any government-led initiatives involving patient medical datasets.

"EY is recognised for their knowledge in the fast developing field of big data analytics and the associated valuation models needed to underpin equitable deal structures involving large datasets," said CEO Lord Drayson.

"We are delighted to be working together to create an ethical framework for the analysis of patient medical data for patient benefit."

Pamela Spence, partner and EY global health sciences and wellness leader, added: "Unlocking the power within healthcare data to fuel innovation in medical research and patient care is at the heart of today's healthcare.

"EY is committed to building a better working world by asking the right questions that lead to better answers; best for patients, best for business and ultimalty best for society. This is a great example of bringing our purpose to life in the Health Sciences and Wellness sector."

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