Siilo : the free secure messaging app for medical team players and the future of 'network medicine'

February 17, 2019

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Introduction to Siilo


We like to say that todays’ healthcare is extremely sophisticated, but it’s still struggling with a very old-fashioned, siloed structure: Silos separating doctors and patients; silos separating departments within the same organization; silos separating hospital care and primary care as well as patients and their own data, the list goes on and on. 


We feel healthcare has become way too complex for a siloed system to exist. For instance, because patients are getting older and multi-morbid they receive treatments from multiple specialists from multiple organizations. But also because healthcare budgets are under pressure, and high volume, low complex care is increasingly moved out of the hospital and delivered closer to home. Healthcare professionals need to maximize clinical outcomes whilst reducing costs.


All these developments are underwriting the fact that silos are painfully obstructive. We see that doctors feel the need to establish the opposite: a culture of close collaboration within their teams as well as with the broader healthcare networks surrounding their patients.


That’s why Siilo coins the 21st century the era of ‘network medicine’ in which the patient (population) defines the team and surrounding network. Because the single most important thing in collaborative networks is communication and trust, we set out to develop reliable medtech tools that help medical team players communicate more efficiently amongst each other as well as with their patients and their families. 


Siilo – Let’s practice medicine together.



The free secure messaging app for medical team players


Instantly message your colleagues, or healthcare professionals outside of your department or organisation, discussing the same patient as you are. Whether it’s plain text, pictures, audio, video, or a large file that you want to share: Siilo makes it happen, 100% secure and confidential.




Users experience Siilo as a professional networking booster as well


Create a compelling profile page to show your medical skills. Through the app’s network menu tab, you can easily find people in your organisation who are not in your contact list (yet). And if your profile is verified: feel free to search Siilo’s verified user base to find people or specialists outside of your current network. As the famous poet John Donne wrote: “No man is an island”. So let’s start practicing medicine together.


Why is the Siilo app free?


We simply want you to be able to collaborate better through our messaging app. Monetizing on you as an individual healthcare professional would seriously hinder this. That’s why we’ve decided to focus our business model on helping healthcare organisations to comply with data protection regulations. Siilo Connect is our subscription service for organisations or professional associations, providing them with extensive management-, administration-, networking- and software integration tools.


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