Ireland’s Digital Health sector is thriving - €100M earmarked for 2020

September 28, 2019

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With tailored medicine and real-time feedback apps emerging, Ireland’s digital health sector is thriving.


We’re in the midst of a digital revolution and the life sciences sector is by no means immune to it. Thanks to emerging and transformative technology, healthcare is one aspect of life sciences that is already changing drastically.


As described by Enterprise Ireland, tailored medicines are becoming a reality, alongside apps that can feed back data to primary caregivers in real time and digitised medical records substantially reducing delays and silos in communication.


Digital health in Ireland


With its thriving digital health sector, Ireland is at the forefront of many innovations, contributing to the development of global medtech advancements.


All of the world’s top 10 biopharmaceutical companies and 14 of the world’s top 15 medtech companies have operations in Ireland, including the likes of Novartis, Medtronic and Sanofi.


This digital health expertise spans neurovascular, orthopaedic, diagnostics and ophthalmic treatments, as well as improving methods of drug delivery. Healthcare and life sciences industries are among the country’s strongest and most important sectors, employing 38,000 people in around 350 companies.


Ireland is also the second largest exporter of medtech products in Europe, with annual exports of €12.6bn to more than 100 countries internationally.


With €85m earmarked for the digital health sector in 2019, and €100m for 2020 rising to €120m by 2021, the growth looks set to continue.


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