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Sony enters the Digital Healthcare market with remote IoT monitoring 'mSafety' wristwatch

Sony has entered the Digital Health market with a remote monitoring wearable device called mSafety. The product is a wristwatch designed to capture and track patient data such as blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate continuously.

mSafety Watch

mSafety allows providers of health and safety services to monitor people remotely and keep them safe. Expand and improve your offer with this scalable, secure and energy-efficient platform.

Remote monitoring

Keeping people safe, without being intrusive. Whether you’re rescuing a kite surfer, monitoring employees in high risk occupations or aiding the elderly, remote monitoring via the mSafety connected wearable device maximises not only safety, but also the users’ sense of personal freedom.

How remote IoT monitoring improves patient care

As a healthcare provider, how can you continue offering high quality services in the future, without adding costs? Combining a power-efficient wearable with a secure backend solution, the mSafety platform from Sony addresses this question head on – allowing you to monitor patient data such as blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate continuously from a remote location.

With mSafety, you can provide an even better service to users while also reducing your costs.

Low complexity wearable

Easy to use, read and manage, this straightforward device eliminates many of the difficulties associated with smart phone apps. Thanks to energy-efficient IoT connectivity battery life is 7 days or more.

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