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  • Lloyd Price

GripAble: providing accessible and engaging rehab technology

At GripAble we are dedicating to providing accessible and engaging rehab technology to support adults and children with impaired hand, wrist or arm movement.

Our handheld GripAble device connects to an app on a tablet, where you can follow engaging training activities – or simply count your reps – with a focus on different aspects of grip, hand and wrist movement. Through these fun and engaging activities, GripAble aims to help people stay motivated with their rehab activities.

Your therapist can set you personalised training programmes and you can see real-time feedback, as well as sharing your daily activity reports with your therapist. GripAble is sensitive from just 0.1kg right up to 90kg, meaning it can pick up flickers of movement and grip strength – and then support you with your training as you get stronger.

GripAble is a two-in-one assessment and training device to help people with impaired upper limb movement. GripAble is used by neurological, paediatric and MSK therapists in both therapy and community settings. The handheld device connects to an app on a tablet and tracks four key hand movements – grip and release, wrist extension / flexion, radial / ulnar deviation and pronation / supination, together with repetitions, and minutes of training.

The device is highly sensitive and can be used by most people, even those with limited grip or movement. Easy to set up, GripAble can be calibrated and personalised to each user’s ability, with real-time feedback to help build motivation and engagement with training activities. GripAble is based on intuitive, fuss-free technology so you can get set up in minutes.

The highly sensitive device has been tested and developed over the last seven years in partnership with thousands of occupational therapists and physiotherapists and patients across multiple clinical conditions and leading academic institutions including Imperial College London and within Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust. GripAble is handheld and connects to a mobile app to play clinical-based activities and games on its therapy platform to train core hand movements in a fun and engaging way. The results are measurable and trackable both for home-based users – and as a handy assessment tool for healthcare professionals.



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