• Lloyd Price

Hive Health: pioneering new Cyber Security company specialising in Healthcare


We help reduce the risk of cyber-attack and impact to clinical services by providing full visibility and understanding of the IOT landscape. We assist healthcare organisations achieve and maintain digital and clinical governance and compliance.



Hive Health is a cyber security company focused on healthcare. We are a highly experienced management team of cyber security, data science, machine learning, clinical, operational, commercial and healthcare executives.

Our team and advisors have worked extensively in cyber security, both in house at NHS Trusts, for technology companies and management consultancies and with the National Cyber Security Centre on both the Wannacry and Log4J responses.

Our advisory board consists of technology focused clinicians and former senior executives responsible for Cyber Security functions at NHS Digital and NHSX, as well as the Home Office, Foreign Office and Cyber Trust board.


Our vision is cyber security based on clinical risk.

Enabling hospitals and healthcare providers to protect their critical infrastructure, connected devices and patient data, understand their clinical risk profiles, meet regulatory compliance and comply with best practice frameworks.

Our mission is to help protect and secure local health care devices, systems, networks, and data from cyber security risks. Starting in the UK in 2022 and then expanding globally in the next few years.


Does your organisation understand their clinical workflows? How dependent they are on digital infrastructure to deliver care safely and effectively?

Our clinical rules engine combines proprietary data sets and rules by clinical pathway to understand all operational dependencies to deliver care.

In the event of a cyber attack, we can help strengthen cyber resilience by advising healthcare providers the order in which to bring clinical services back online indexed to current threats and vulnerabilities.


We arm organisations with a powerful platform that provides full visibility and understanding of their IOT devices, helps them understand their threat landscape, and can automate response such as proactive segmentation, operational workflows and incident response actions.

By baselining normal behaviour for a specific device, we can create policies to allow only ‘Sanctioned’ communications for IOT devices. These policies can be automatically enforced on existing infrastructure—firewalls, switches, network access control, and wireless LAN controllers.


We offer a web hosted team collaboration and project management portal, designed to support an ICS digital transformation journey.

We help achieve compliance with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) , Cyber Essentials and ISO27001.

We help towards fulfilling approximately 32 assertions within the DSPT many of these mandatory, this helps towards meeting the standards required.

We assist with best practice frameworks (WGLL – what good looks like, NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology, EU’s Network & Information Security Directive etc.. )

We provide core security functions such as inventory tools, risk management and threat detection which are essential to maintaining compliance.


The healthcare industry is continuously on the leading edge of innovation, an accelerated pace means a growing number of medical devices on the network, this explosive growth has created a new attack surface which is constantly being exploited by cybercriminals.

Cyber Security is a pivotal enabler in everything the healthcare organisation does and delivers, protecting patients and maintaining public trust in any healthcare organisation is of paramount importance.

Our platform is truly innovative, offering healthcare providers unique benefits including:

Device level data and insights to hospitals and health systems

Local to regional cyber team collaboration and project management module

Cyber risk linked to clinical risk at a specialty and pathway level

Machine learning combining user behaviour and device behaviour

Cyber resiliency model advising the order in which to bring services back online




London, England, UK