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  • Lloyd Price

Jewellery & Wearable Tech : The Future of Women's Health?

Health tracking equipment is advancing at a significant rate with many items available that are designed to easily and efficiently fit into our busy lifestyles.

Bellabeat have now introduced the ‘LEAF’ taking health-tracking design to a whole new level. This health tracker is specifically designed for women and helps to monitor activity, sleep, stress levels and even the menstrual cycle.

The latest in health app technology, the LEAF has a beautiful and sleek jewellery-like design making it stand out from other health trackers of it’s kind, such as the Fitbit. It is designed to be worn on a shirt collar or hem and, with accessories, can also be worn on the wrist or neck. Its stainless steel leaf design gives the impression of an elegant brooch when worn on the collar/hem and its wooden back houses the activity tracker and battery neatly.

The LEAF has various functions to monitor your health. As it does not have an in-built display, it relies on the LEAF app on your smartphone to help you set goals in various areas such as fitness and stress levels.

The LEAF tracks your movements and uses a unique vibrate alarm to let you know when you should increase activity or slow down. It monitors your sleep patterns to help you make necessary changes ensuring you get the best amount and quality of sleep that you can. One unique feature focuses on breathing and encourages users to spend up to 15 minutes a day on specific breathing exercises to help alleviate stress.

Another exclusive feature that makes the LEAF specific to women is it’s ability to help women understand their monthly cycles. Users can view their ovulation and period days easily whilst being able to see how other areas of

their health affects this.

All of the LEAF’s applications are designed to come together and help to create a well-balanced lifestyle in mind and body. These advances in health tracking are helping us to manage our health more efficiently. By keeping such a close eye on our health we are better in tune and informed about our health, which in turn can help our healthcare practitioners – making it a lot easier to inform our GPs when it is needed. Before embarking on any new healthcare regime it is best to get a check up with a GP.

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