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  • Lloyd Price

UK Digital Healthcare Council : 11 Founding Members

11 healthcare startups, SME's and corporates have come together as the founding group of members for the Digital Healthcare Council -

1) eConsult -

6) Index Medical -

7) Lloyds Online Pharmacy -

10) Babylon Health -

11) -

The Council’s stated purpose is to:

1) Advocate the benefits of technology in healthcare for patients

2) Provide a vehicle to promote ‘data does good’ to the wider system

3) Collaborate to influence policy decisions from organisations such as CQC, Department of Health, NHS England and NHS Digital

4) Explore opportunities for partnership

5) Share innovation and best

The Council aims are:

A) to ensure there are open lines of communication with the key stakeholders, as named above

B) The Council aims to advocate for the views of members and ensure these are considered by key stakeholders when making policy decisions

C) The Council aims to work with key stakeholders to ensure barriers to innovation in the system are removed

The council can be contacted on

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