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NeuroLaunch : the World's first Neuroscience Startup Accelerator


NeuroLaunch is the world’s first accelerator program for neuroscience startups. We apply the methodology of lean early-stage company acceleration, which has risen to global prominence as a model for high-tech startups, to neuroscience.

We provide a new pathway to success for neuroscience startups:

• Seed funding

• Specialized 90-day curriculum

• Strategic partnerships

• World-class mentor network

• Direct introductions to neuro-oriented VCs and angel investors

We welcome prospective Mentors, Partners, Sponsors, Investors, and NeuroLaunch Companies. To learn more, visit

Why is NeuroLaunch important?

Humanity is in the early stages of a worldwide neuroscience renaissance. Recent public initiatives, such as the White House BRAIN Initiative and the EU’s Human Brain Project, have resulted in expanded funding for brain and nervous system research.

However, commercialization of neuroscience to solve real-world problems has long been inefficient and serendipity-driven. This process delays the availability of novel therapies and products. It results in abandoned intellectual property and often leads to most value being captured by large corporations, instead of by early-stage innovators themselves.

NeuroLaunch solves these problems by conveying the startup accelerator culture to neuroscience, helping innovators rapidly bring technologies to market so they can help society.

Who can become a NeuroLaunch company?

In our community, we share a common language of neuro-innovation. Any “neuro-startup”—defined broadly as a venture whose main endeavor involves neuroscience, be it a device, drug, software, or consumer business—qualifies to apply as a NeuroLaunch Company.

How do I get involved in NeuroLaunch?

We welcome prospective Mentors, Partners, Sponsors, Investors, and NeuroLaunch Companies. To learn more, visit or contact

Israel Brain Technologies’ (IBT) Brainnovations and NeuroLaunch

The two pre-eminent accelerator programs for brain technology startups, Israel Brain Technologies’ (IBT) Brainnovations and NeuroLaunch, announced a historic global partnership for fostering investment, innovation, and international dialogue between U.S. and Israeli entrepreneurs working in the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology.

NeuroLaunch, headquartered in Atlanta and founded in 2014, is supported by over 150 expert mentors worldwide and has funded two batches of startups to date, with 11 companies receiving investment and over 60 companies presenting at its Demo Day events. Brainnovations was launched by Tel Aviv-based Israel Brain Technologies in 2015 and has held two successful batches to date with 16 companies, which to date have raised $7M. Both organizations are planning on accepting their next batch of companies for the summer of 2017.

The IBT-NeuroLaunch partnership kicked off today with an on-stage announcement and joint working sessions at the Israel Brain Technologies’ BrainTech Conference March 6-7, 2017 in Tel Aviv.

“We are entering a golden age of brain technology that will forever transform human health and happiness. The global partnership between Israel Brain Technologies and NeuroLaunch, as the first of its kind, will foster international collaboration among brain tech entrepreneurs in order to accelerate their success,” said Dr. Jordan Amadio, NeuroLaunch Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

“Increasing collaboration between American and Israeli brain technology entrepreneurs will help benefit humanity with extraordinary opportunities. This partnership will combine the most outstanding elements of both communities in order to spur new growth for neuroscience and neurotech companies,” said Miri Polachek, Executive Director of Israel Brain Technologies.

In the summer of 2017, the two organizations will partner to support companies participating in both accelerator programs. The entrepreneurs going through the two programs will interact and share resources, including partners, mentors, content, market access, and funding opportunities. This will mark the first international collaboration specifically geared toward maximising success for brain technology startups via global partnerships.

Prior IBT Brainnovations portfolio companies include:

  • A mobile eye-tracking application for early detection of cognitive decline.

  • A directional deep brain stimulation device for the treatment of epilepsy and other brain disorders.

  • Genetic and environmental based platform to tailor medications for psychiatric disorders.

  • A machine learning based system for improving quality and speed of medical image diagnosis , focusing on head and neck scans.

  • A next generation brain stimulation device for the treatment of ADHD.

  • A brain computer interface-based authentication technology for the healthcare industry.

Prior NeuroLaunch portfolio companies include:

  • A neuro-wearable device platform for tracking and gamification of human infant brain development.

  • A next-generation neuro-endovascular device employing novel technology to improve patient outcomes after acute ischemic stroke.

  • An algorithmic platform enabling personalized genomics to treat epilepsy and other disorders.

  • The future of cloud-based, three-dimensional neuroimaging for research and neurosurgical planning.

  • A comprehensive system for radically streamlining clinical trials recruitment for neuro and other markets.

  • Mobile-friendly peripherals for vital signs monitoring and neuroscience-based gamification of prevention strategies for stroke and other diseases.

Long term goals for the U.S.-Israeli partnership include sharing mentors and resources for portfolio companies, co-developing an international network of programs for brain technology startups, and launching a U.S.-Israeli exchange for neuroscience entrepreneurs. This will enable access to global markets and collaborations for both U.S. and Israeli neuroscience companies and facilitate new synergies.

Beginning in July 2017, NeuroLaunch and IBT will collaborate on joint events, including conferences for connecting startups with investors, and facilitate sharing of content across their two accelerators. IBT and NeuroLaunch are also spearheading a long-term strategic plan for joint funding and investing efforts, which is expected to foster a larger number of brain-related technology companies across both the U.S. and Israel.

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