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  • Lloyd Price

Zesty, the NHS, Digital Transformation and OutPatient Portals

It seems incredible, but today, the vast majority of NHS trusts still post paper letters to their patients. In fact, the average UK hospital sends over 1M paper letters to patients each year.

Patients are informed of their appointments in a letter and have to call the hospital to make appointment changes. It's an expensive and frustratingly inefficient system.

At Zesty we've been working hard with a group of NHS trusts to digitally transform outpatient appointment management.

The Zesty patient portal is simple to use, designed for mobile devices first and very cost effective. Patients love to use it, with adoption rates by specialty of more than 50%.

Managing hospital appointments is complex, expensive and time consuming for both patients and NHS staff. Our patient portal has been built from the ground up with appointment management as its core function, ensuring a secure, robust and friction free patient experience.

Provide patients access to their letters instantly and give them the ability to ‘opt out’ of paper completely.

Our patient portal enables you to rapidly deploy forms and interactive data capture tools on a per specialty basis, with all results securely available for write-back to your EPR.

Our platform verifies the patient’s identity via a completely remote 2 factor authentication engine.

Portals don’t work without patients. We have a wealth of expertise in ensuring digital services are actually used by consumers. We see overall adoption of 30-40% with active adoption at 70%+

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