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  • Lloyd Price

Aura Band : Bioimpedance analysis, activity tracking and heart rate monitoring

Learn about the changes in your body composition using the bioimpedance analysis method.

Tap the smartband on your wrist twice. A low power electric signal will go through a closed-loop “Hand-Chest-Hand” of your body, and the device will get the information about the active and reactive resistance of the fat, bone and muscle tissues and the hydration level.

The mobile App analyses the data about the size of each tissue and the hydration level in your body with account of your physical characteristics (weight, height, age and gender) and shows the result.

AURA App for iOS and Android phones collects and analyses the data about your body.

We add diagrams and graphs that are easy to read. All the information is carefully saved in your personal account for further analysis. We support data exchange with Apple HealthKit и Google Fit. Keep an eye on your progress and get individual health tips with AURA Band.

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