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  • Lloyd Price

NeuroPace : the first medical device that can monitor and respond to brain activity

Introduction to NeuroPace

NeuroPace is an innovative medical device company dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals with medically refractory epilepsy. In addition to treating epilepsy, responsive neurostimulation holds the promise of treating several other disabling neurological disorders that negatively impact quality of life for millions of patients throughout the world.

The RNS System is the first and only closed-loop brain-responsive neurostimulation system designed to prevent epileptic seizures at their source. The RNS System treats seizures by continuously monitoring brain waves, detecting unusual activity, and automatically responding with imperceptible electrical pulses before seizures occur.

Physicians can program the detection and stimulation parameters of the implanted RNS neurostimulator non-invasively to personalize therapy for each individual.

NeuroPace Technology

Similar to a pacemaker that monitors and responds to heart rhythms, the NeuroPace RNS System is the first and only medical device that can monitor and respond to brain activity. Once your doctor programs the NeuroPace RNS System to detect and respond to your brain activity, it automatically delivers treatment when you need it.

Here’s how it works:

1) MONITORS: The RNS System constantly monitors your brainwaves, looking for unusual activity that may lead to a seizure. It works all the time, even while you are sleeping.

2) DETECTS: The device is personalized to recognize the electrical patterns specific to your brain, rapidly identifying unusual activity that can lead to a seizure.

3) RESPONDS: Within milliseconds of detecting unusual activity, the device sends brief pulses to instantly disrupt this activity and normalize your brainwaves, often before you can feel seizure symptoms.

Clinical Evidence

In clinical trials, adults treated with the RNS® System experienced significant, long-term seizure reduction and compelling quality of life improvements. Some individuals also showed benefit in memory and language.

$74 Million round of funding

October 24, 2017 – NeuroPace, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based medical technology company that developed the world’s first and only closed-loop brain-responsive neurostimulation system shown to significantly reduce seizure frequency, announced today that it closed a $74 million round of funding led by the KCK Group and OrbiMed Advisors. This funding provides the resources necessary to rapidly expand commercialization of the NeuroPace RNS® System, a device approved by FDA to treat adults with partial (focal) onset seizures that are not well controlled by medication alone.

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