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Babylon acquires assets from First Choice Medical Group for US expansion

agilon health is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement under which a Babylon Health-associated practice will purchase the Fresno and Madera operations of First Choice Medical Group, inclusive of its associated lines of business (Medi-Cal and Medicare Advantage).

Babylon is a globally-leading technology company with the ambitious mission to put accessible and affordable health services in the hands of every person on Earth. Babylon works with governments, health providers and insurers across the globe, and supports healthcare facilities from small local practices to large hospitals; providing digital healthcare tools designed to empower people with knowledge about their health.

Babylon covers 20 million people across the globe, and has delivered more than 8 million virtual consultations and AI interactions. Babylon has partnered with 170 impactful worldwide partners, including the NHS in the UK, Telus Health, Mount Sinai Health Partners, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Rwanda, to fulfill its vision of accessible and affordable healthcare, for all.

Both organizations are enthusiastic about the opportunity to simultaneously broaden Babylon’s footprint while enabling agilon health to focus on its physician partnership model for Medicare Advantage members outside of California. This will enable a seamless transition of continued high caliber support for our existing Central California patients and provider networks with the additional benefit of a unique organization that focuses on advanced technology solutions. We believe this transition serves the well-being of our patients and best interests of all impacted stakeholders.

To ensure a smooth transition for patients and providers, there will be an estimated operational transition period of up to six months following the effective date, during which agilon health will continue to provide market facing and MSO functions, including claims processing and utilization management support. Subsequently, Babylon will perform back-office functions currently performed by agilon.


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